Security features

In many countries, a wide variety of documents are issued by government or private institutions. Because of their value or the rights they confer, these documents are sometimes counterfeited or forged. This is why it is necessary that they are protected effectively and authenticated easily. Arjowiggins offers a complete range of security solutions that can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Antimicrobial treatment

Our antimicrobial surface treatment prevents the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

Developed in response to the global pandemic, the antimicrobial solution incorporates Biomaster™, a silver-based antimicrobial technology, to proactively inhibit the growth of harmful microbes for the intended lifetime of the product, or up to 10 years.

This solution has been proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria after 24h (Staphylococcus aureus decrease by ≥ 99.68 % and E.coli decrease by 99.99 %) and 93% of viruses as Human coronavirus in as fast as 1 hour.  After these respective times someone who handles a sheet of our treated paper will not run the risk of contracting infections or propagating viruses or bacteria. The paper has become healthy again.

This treatment is particularly beneficial where papers are manipulated by multiple people or there is a risk of virus propagation such as in hospitals, medical offices or classrooms ; presenting an added value for an array of applications including delivery notes, medical prescriptions, test results, ballot papers, etc.

This new antimicrobial surface treatment does not take away from the attributes of our papers: treated papers print with the same precision and quality that our products are known for and the shelf life is in no way affected.

All our papers with embedded security features (watermarks, fibres, chemical reactions etc) are available with this treatment upon request.


Visible at first glance, it’s the most reliable security element since it cannot be reproduced. Light, dark or multi-tonal, all-over or registered, we can personalise it to your own logo to add a marketing dimension.

Among the oldest security elements for security papers, the watermark is still one of the most efficient. It is recommended by Interpol for the protection of official and fiduciary documents:

  • Security feature that can be checked by transparency to transmitted light and contrast inversion by reflection
  • Anti-copy security
  • Design sophistication makes the watermarks impossible to imitate by printing (multi-tonal, grey levels, contrasts, etc)

Arjowiggins has developed a complete range of watermarks, enabling the reproduction of all types of designs and offering the highest security level:

  • Large choice of standard or personalized watermarks
  • Electrotype watermark
  • Three-dimensional multi-tonal watermark
  • The watermark can be position registered or all over (wallpaper)

Security fibres

Security fibres are small calibrated fibres embedded in the paper. Generally randomly dispersed, they are available in several lengths, colours or multi-coloured, visible to the naked eye or fluorescent under UV lamp. They can be seen on both sides of the paper.

They can be integrated in bands or all over the paper.

These hidden features are not generally known to the general public and their communication is restricted. The verification tool is most often portable and should not require specific technical knowledge.

Several fluorescent colours are available : yellow, blue, red, green, pink.

Tiger fibres are multicoloured striped fibres and customizable.

Hilites / StarLites™

Hilites are fluorescent pigment particles embedded in the paper. Visible under a 365nm UV lamp, they look like a star-studded sky:

  • Their very small size makes them very difficult to imitate and counterfeit
  • They are particularly adapted to small format documents
  • Several colours are available and can be used in the same document

We can also provide ‘in band hilite’ solutions.


Planchettes are cellulose based round elements of 1.6 mm and fibers are available in several length and colours. They are mixed into the pulp and thus randomly placed on the paper.

Visible in daylight to the naked eye, fluorescent, phosphorescent under UV light, thermochromatic, or reactive for you to choose.

Visible planchettes in one colour, can be combined with an invisible fluorescent colour that is revealed under a 365nm UV lamp.


These invisible security features are based upon exclusive technologies and inserted into the paper.

Several colors are available for the costumer to choose.

Their authentication is carried out by means of sophisticated reading or control tools. They are microspheres that contain a specific fluorophore.

Only few dedicated people are informed, trained (technological properties) and involved.


Fluoforms are Planchettes with a specific shape, each incorporating a personalized, position-registered printed logo or image design (text, logo, flag eg):

  • Invisible with the naked eye, Fluoforms have fluorescent colours that can only be seen under a 365nm UV lamp
  • Tailor-made security features, they are particularly easy to recognize and control (shape, design, density eg)
  • Customization of the shape and the multi-colour and registered design makes them unique and particularly secure
  • They can be checked on both sides of the sheet
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Security Threads

Security threads are an efficient and reliable security feature. They are easily recognized by the public and offer a high level of protection against counterfeiting thanks to the complex techniques used to produce them.

Inserted when the paper sheet is formed, security threads are embedded in paper, either completely or alternatively embedded and above the surface (window thread).

Different kinds of threads are available:

  • completely embedded or in window
  • customized by printing
  • with color-shift effects
  • demetallized, bi-metallized or tri-metallized
  • holographic
  • fluorescent under a 365nm UV lamp

Their width may vary from 1 to 6 mm. They are all customisable.

This feature is very aesthetic, eyecatching and easy to authenticate.

Iridescent Printing

The iridescent printing is in the form of an image printed on the surface of the paper. The colour of the image changes depending upon the angle at which light hits the paper. This security feature can be laid down in bands or all over with personalized designs, according to your needs:

Anti-copy feature: an iridescent feature is a cost-effective alternative to other optically variable features such as holographic foils, as it cannot be reproduced by scanners or photocopiers.

  • Design and colours can be customized
  • Several colours are available
  • It is possible to combine a fluorescent effect only visible under a 365nm UV lamp
  • Available in sheet or reel

Holographic Foil

The Holographic foils are optical variable threads, which can be checked by the naked eye and can also contain security elements of the second and third level.

These are laid down by hot transfer onto the surface of the paper and cannot be reproduced by scanners or photocopiers.

Arjowiggins offers several kinds of customized holographic stripes:

  • Coloured stripes
  • Bi-metal stripes
  • Demetallized stripes
  • Customized combination of image origination

RFID solution

Sophisticated security by a RFID tag with unique identification, laminated with the security paper.

  • Without any plastic, it is a recyclable, FSC-certified, microscopically smooth 100% paper substrate with a specially adapted coating, and the RFID antenna printed with conductive ink
  • You can handle, print and finish the complexed certificate just as any other conventional paper

Developed in response to the rise of counterfeiting and falsification of certificates, this technology allows to integrate secure data microchips that can be read via NFC, providing a new way to create and verify document authenticity.

Once the chip is programmed, an NFC-enabled mobile device (ie smartphone) placed near the chip will read any information.

Instant Verification

Instant verification is a process of authentication by means of a dedicated pen which reveals a coloured reaction on the paper. If there is no reaction, the paper is counterfeit.

This feature offers several advantages:

  • Verification is made with a dedicated pen and the result is instantly visible
  • When the document is not genuine, the pen does not show any colour on the paper
  • When the document has been verified, the coloured mark cannot be removed (prevents recirculation of redeemed vouchers for instance)
  • Unique combination between paper and dedicated pen
  • Two colours of reaction are available (black and red).

Ghost IV

Ghost IV is a process of authentication with a special pen used for banknote verification. If there is a clear reaction, the paper is genuine. If the reaction is dark, it means the paper has been counterfeited.

This feature offers several advantages:

  • Verification is made with a dedicated pen, commercially available and affordable
  • The result is instantly visible but disappears in approximatively 4 hours
  • When the document is not genuine, the stain remains visible and cannot be removed, which prevents the recirculating of vouchers for instance

Chemical reactants

Chemical reactants are a solution against forgery (chemical attack).

Reactants can be incorporated within the paper, so that they react to attempted chemical alteration by forgerers. If there is such an attempt, you will notice the appearance of irreversible coloured stains.

Arjowiggins offers regular and well known combinations such as the CBS1 for printing cheques and much more advanced protections with its SensiMax and SensiPlus chemical combinations, dedicated to high level security papers.

Different families of chemical reactants exist against chemical falsification :

  • strong acids
  • strong alkali
  • oxidant (bleach)
  • polar solvents
  • non polar solvents
  • 3 stage corrector



Laserguard® is a solution against forgery (mechanical attack). It is a special paper treatment that counters mechanical attack of laser printing. In the event of attempts to scrape away the toner, the surface of the paper is visibly deteriorated.

It operates two different actions:

  • Adhesion of laser toner: specific treatment of the paper in order to maximize the fusion between the toner and the surface of the paper
  • Evidence of forgery: modification of the paper which visibly delaminates on the surface in case of an attempt of mechanical falsification of the laser writing


Jetguard® is a solution against mechanical and chemical forgery.

This special paper treatment fights against falsification of Inkjet printings.

It operates three different actions:

  • Printability : enhance the inkjet visual printing result
  • Stability of inkjet toner : enable the printed visual to remain strong even after soaking in water
  • Evidence of mechanical forgery : alteration of the paper surface which delaminates on the surface in case of scraping or scrubbing

Cover material

This coated material is specially designed for passports, with optimum mechanical performance, excellent workability, resistance and elegance in a product that has become the perfect covering material for passports worldwide.

This material can be ultraviolet printed invisible under the daylight, accepts perfectly hot stamping processes, supports heat-seal film lamination, enables perfect reading of perforated numbers.

It is suitable for electronic passports.

This coated material is available with special personalized colours, embossings, gloss levels and thicknesses.

It can also be provided with FSC certification.

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