Arjowiggins, Id3 Technologies, ISRA Cards and Tick Access receive the label ‘CSF Grands Evénements’ for their accreditation solution.

This label, carried by the Strategic Committee of the Sector (CSF) ‘Security Industries’, aims to identify French solutions that can contribute to the security of large-scale events.

Thanks to this label, the consortium made up of Arjowiggins, id3 Technologies, ISRA Cards and Tick Access will be able to present its innovative and eco-friendly accreditation solution for major events. This solution is presented in the form of a badge that concentrates all the strategic innovations necessary for the organization and security of large sporting or cultural meetings. It can be divided into two parts, the hardware aspect provided by Arjowiggins and ISRA which is characterized by the badge, and the software aspect provided by ID3 and Tick Access which concerns respectively the application embedded in the card and the one embedded in the readers.

The solution developed by the consortium is based on three main principles:

The ecology

The badge is made on the 100% paper ISBIO Alive co-developed by ISRA and Arjowiggins which guarantees a minimal ecological footprint, especially since an offer of recovery of the supports and their recycling after the event can be set up. ISRA has adapted its industrial tool to paper in order to produce eco-responsible cards that offer the same possibilities as PVC (aesthetics, robustness, electronic integration, etc.)


The badge incorporates a contactless chip that allows to store biometric information offering the maximum level of security. Indeed, the “Match On Card Facial” technology developed by ID3 makes it possible to compare in real time the image of the face captured by the camera integrated in the PC, the tablet or the smartphone with the biometric template of the same face stored in the chip of the badge, in less than a second.


To promote fluidity, the accreditation solution has been designed “mobile” by Tick Access, with the accreditations as well as the secured controls being operated by an application that can operate on a smartphone: the deployment logistics are facilitated and the flexibility of use makes it possible to streamline the number of terminals needed, while providing a simplified visitor experience.

This robust yet agile solution is perfectly suited to mass events. It meets the needs for fluidity, security prioritization based on accredited personalities and volume management without degrading security requirements. At large events, tens of thousands of people are accredited on a multitude of sites and with disparate levels of accreditation.

With the recognition of the technical qualities of its accreditation solution dedicated to major events, the consortium aims to deploy this technology at major sporting and cultural events by 2020.

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