The documents you use contain important information serving to identify a person, an object or values. Our role is to analyse the weaknesses of your documents and to protect them against counterfeiting.

Arjowiggins secures all official documents, means of payment and banking documents, cheques and tickets and all face-value documents which could be counterfeited or forged.


Means of payment such as cheques must be protected against the modification of handwritten data. This is why Arjowiggins has developed a specific range of products aimed at highlighting any attempt to erase data through chemical or physical processes.

Our cheque papers are fully compliant with the CBS1 specifications: a white paper which substance is between 90-100 g/m²,  of a determined rigidity and surface smoothness, plus many other very precise characteristics such as opacity or strength.


An essential document, the passport guarantees the identity of individuals and can help monitor their movements between countries. This ID is regularly targeted by counterfeiters and criminal organizations. Arjowiggins has developed comprehensive solutions for passports that meet ICAO recommendations:

  • High security paper with custom elements (watermarks, Fluoforms, Hilites/StarLites™, JetGuard™)
  • Cover and electronic cover


Granting temporary authorization to enter a country, the visa contributes to the security of a state.

The visa sticker is an adhesive complex with a security front paper and a glue specifically dedicated to this application. The frontal security paper is customisable with most of all the security features, on demand.

The final complexed paper can be delivered in reels or sheets, with or without selvedge, customized with kiss-cutting or die cutting.

It is designed to be Compliant with ISO 14298 or Intergraf Certification Requirements.

Tickets and electronic vouchers

Vouchers, entertainment tickets and transportation tickets are used daily by millions of people across the World.

For issuers of these documents, it is therefore imperative that they can be easily authenticated in order to avoid any financial loss.

Arjowiggins offers a range of solutions:

  • High security paper with custom elements
  • Electronic/RFID solutions

Official Documents

Many official documents, such as driver’s licences, ballot papers and health records, must be protected against fraud. Arjowiggins offers solutions adapted to the level of security required.

Certificates and Diplomas

In recent years, higher education institutions have chosen to secure and digitally authenticate their students’ diplomas. Today, 30% to 35% of resumes would contain incorrect information. Securing diplomas is therefore an asset for students, for institutions and companies. In order to combat diplomas fraud, some institutions opt for digital digitisation of diplomas; but the risks of bankruptcy of service providers or hacking exist.

Arjowiggins offers an NFC diploma, secured by a printed chip.

Stamps or Tax labels

Taxes locally produced or imported are an essential source of revenue for countries. Illicit trade and counterfeiting by national and international criminal organizations significantly reduce this income. Over the past few decades, smuggling and counterfeiting have become more and more attractive to criminal organizations because the legal penalties are much less severe for this type of activity than those for drug trafficking. For the end-users, a secure stamp avoids risks of public health and is a proof of easy to check authentication and credibility of the brand.

Arjowiggins provides solutions to better control and increase revenues on tax products such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc.

  • High security substrates with customized elements
  • Substrates highlight any tampering

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